2017年、mogragとAquvii が共同で、新たなビジュアル・インテリア・ アイテムを提案します。


そこで重宝された掛け軸は、重厚な額に収めて壁に掛けっ放しておく西洋絵画よりも軽やかな印象を持ち、掛けかえも容易で、また巻物にすることで保存や持ち運びに便利な点は、むしろ現代的ですらあるインテリア・アイテムです。現代の住宅様式からは失われつつある、このようなゆとりの空間。 掛け軸を一振り掛け、その周囲を床の間と見立てることで、日々の飾りを楽しんでみてはいかがでしょうか。

This is a magical item which can generate a stimulating area in your day-to-day life.

Mograg and Aquvii will jointly provide a new visual interior item this year in 2017.

There had been a “tokonoma” in the traditional Japanese houses. It's a "margin" which opposes the actual functionality to put in the living quarters. The house owners would replace a kakejiku and flowers depending on his/her taste or mood. This space works just like a personal gallery to add colors to your room and welcome your house guests.

This important item, kakejiku, has a light-looking look compare to the bulky-looking Western paintings on the wall. The kakejiku is easily replaced and is convenient both to store or to carry. It could look even more of a contemporary interior item. Wouldn't you like to produce a tokonoma of your own by setting a kakejiku, then decorate your life before this mystical space being lost from our living style?